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Group Info

This group is for fan work of the Dragon Age series with romantic themes. While romance is the main focus here, family and friendship as well as devotion are just as welcome.

All kinds of work are encouraged - illustration, fiction, cosplay etc. Love - philia, storge and agape as much as eros - can range from subtle to very obvious. We appreciate all works with this general theme in common.

The folders are explained in a blog entry. If you have any questions, the staff members are here to help you.
Founded 9 Months ago
Feb 27, 2016


Group Focus
Fan Club

116 Members
133 Watchers
4,188 Pageviews
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Get involved!

Thedas-in-love is made by the members, contributors and associates. Visual artists, writers, journalists or simply sympathisers from the fandom, you are the foundation we rely on. It goes without saying we would like to hear your thoughts about what sort of changes the group could benefit from. Which of our creative visual artists should have their artworks submitted to FEATURED? Which of our talented writers should be asked for an interview as part of Confessions of a Thedosian Novelist feature, now under the patronage of our esteemed associate Dragon-Age? Are there deviants who could use more exposure? The staff will be glad to receive any kind of feedback you may have. Thanks in advance!

Gallery Folders

Herald and The Seeker - Color by SketchGlee
+stargazing by against-stars
Night-Time Stories by raubkruemel
I'd rather break by DorianPavus
The other half of me by DorianPavus
What Tomorrow May Bring by ErinM31
Zevran and Ghell Surana by RayeLian
Check out my army by RayeLian
The Champion and Her Pirate Queen by GenesisWings
Dragon Age 2- Hawke's Love by cherrysplice
Mors and Renate by RayeLian
Fools Gold by RayeLian
Contest Prize - Woodswanderer by GASulliv

Mature Content

Dragon Tamer by WrensHollow
Once We've Healed the Sky by ErinM31
54678 by 0Snow-White0
Origins Companions
Choose your Queen by DorianPavus
Leligan by CSupernova
Tourists by MonkeyMu
The Witch and The Bard by jesi15
DA2 Companions
My Prince by DorianPavus
Absolute Beginners by NorroenDyrd
Consequences by NevanAnxa
Inquisition Companions
Scouting the Hinterlands by sumenya
'Thank You, Varric!' by AlistairAndAnders
Dance by ninetail-fox
Awkward AF by Tamarandom
Family and Friendship
DAO- Gentleman by cherrysplice
Family Portrait by Isriana
Children of the Alienage by Isriana
Warm welcome by coupleofkooks
Fanfiction - Family and Friendship

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Fanfiction - Mature Content

Mature Content

Krem's Admirer by Padme4000
Pairing Aesthetics:  Alexius and Lavellan by NorroenDyrd
Awakening by go-ma
Comic Series
DAI - A Little Luck page 9 by TriaElf9

Mature Content

AdoriBull Bathing by Padme4000







This folder is for the group admins to edit (members are encouraged to send their suggestions to the staff). We use it as a quick hub for our visitors. A random deviant browses this area first and the visual works featured there secure the interest in the group as a whole. Our artists receive their own feature section, Confessions of a Thedosian Novelist.


ALL works with sexual content (strongly implied or explicit) or violence/gore must go here and must have a Mature Content filter on.

Warden, Hawke and Inquisitor

If your work has a Player Character as part of the main pair/group, it goes in the folder for that character. Both official romance options and custom pairings (the Inquisitor and Lace Harding, for instance) are warmly welcome as long as there is focus put on your Warden, Hawke or Inky.

Origins Companions

Works with companions from Origins as the main focus go here. All DAO pairings which do NOT feature the Hero of Ferelden, for instance Morristair or Leligan, go here.

DA2 Companions

Works with companions from DA2 as the main focus go here. All DA2 pairings which do NOT feature the Champion of Kirkwall, for instance Meribela or Fenders, go here.

Inquisition Companions

Works with companions from Inquisition as the main focus go here. All DAI pairings which do NOT feature the Herald of Andraste, for instance Culrian, go here.


Works with characters from the DLC expansion Awakening go here. All Awakening pairings welcome, although if the work contains the Hero of Ferelden, you may prefer to put it into WARDEN.


Works with Non-Playable Characters, for instance Meresino, as the main focus go here.


Anything else goes here. For example, works with pairs/groups of characters across several games.

Family and Friendship

A folder for family and friendship love has been added. Primarily for philia (friendship) and storge (familial love), agape (faith-based love) is also welcome.


For written works. Both prose and poetry welcome. For any questions, feel free to pester ask Arlesienne. She’s in the thick of it.

Fanfiction - Mature Content

For written works with clear sexual or exceedingly violent/gory themes.

Fanfiction - Family and Friendship

For written works primarily about philia and storge, possibly agape as well. Romantic relationships can happen in those texts, but must not be the main focus.

Comic Series

Long comics, spread over many deviations, go here. If your comic is just a one work long, it can go in one of the other folders.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding folders or anything else, please ask! Each staff member will be pleased to lend you a hand. We strive to create a tolerant, intellectually-stimulating community. Members and non-affiliated fans are obviously the key to it.
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Gaspode5 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
Thank you for adding 'The Narrow Path to your galleires. olivegbg and I are hugely flattered. :D (And it must have been some hard work. That's a lot of chapters.)
ekocentric Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Massive thank for the request-much appreciated!
ErinM31 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Thank you so much for requesting my artwork! :aww:
Just-Jasper Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I just confirm you've requested this for the friends/family category and not romantic love?…
Arlesienne Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016
Dear Just-Jasper,

the artwork depicts the friendship of Dorian and Sera ("I love Sera and Dorian's friendship, so I decided to render a little something. This stage was murder, but I'm just practising new techniques and more ambitious renders, so it's all good" as per the description). They can't be involved romantically for obvious reasons. If you'd rather not have it featured, let us know and we'll withdraw the offer. Thanks in advance.

ThePhoenixKing Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2016
Thanks for requesting "The Grey Path" into this gallery, hope you all enjoy!
NorroenDyrd Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2016
Hi, you have requested this deviation:

Dead End by NorroenDyrd

However, I am not sure if it fits the group theme. It could count as "Family and Friendship", but that would be a bit of a stretch imo.
Arlesienne Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
A stretch? Could you, as the author, elaborate? The artwork shows striking and unconditional love of Alexius towards Felix, I thought it appropriate. If you'd rather not have it featured, just tell me :).
NorroenDyrd Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
Judging from experience, other groups would have declined it, because Felix is not present in the picture. You can ask other members what they think. :shrug:
Arlesienne Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016
I am the only active admin now. There are works not directly featuring another one. For instance Dorian grieving over a bloodied coat from Cullen. For me, the feature is deserved. The choice is yours.
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